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Choose the Best Agent to Sell a Property

A real estate agent should be chosen as seriously as a doctor, lawyer, plumber or any other professional. Your realtor will be marketing and showing your home and also negotiating sales while processing all of the paperwork. It’s essential that your agent be experienced and accessible. Avoid using a friend or relative out of obligation. Have a question? Get an answer from a Personal Finance Professional now!

Ask those you know who have recently sold or listed their home who they chose to be their real estate agent and why. Find out what the experience was like and if they would recommend their agent.

2 Ensure that the recommendations you receive are agents licensed to sell real estate in your state, advises Lendingtree.com. In addition, “Realtors,” who are members of the National Association of Realtors, are held to a code of ethics.

3 Invite agents to make a presentation about why they want to list your home and what type of marketing techniques they would use. Make sure that your agent is able to aggressively market using social media and the Internet as the centerpiece of the strategy. In addition, look only at agents who are experienced in the neighborhood.

4 Select an agent who is willing to be honest with you about pricing your home and the anticipated time on the market. Just because your agent agrees with your suggested selling price, doesn’t mean he’s the best one for you.

5 Get references. If the agent isn’t someone who was referred to you, get a list of references and call them. Also, ask for a list of recent customers.

6 Watch out for agents who promise very low commissions, warns RealEstateABC.com. You risk the chance that they will do nothing more than place a sign in your yard and put your house on the multiple listing service (MLS), which makes your listing accessible to all agents. Look for someone who offers full service and will do everything to sell your house.

7 Choose your agent based on your research of that person, not the company that they work for: Agents are subcontractors for their brokerages and work independently to market your property.