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Choosing a Travel Destination in Spain

So, you’ve decided to visit Spain. You want to run off to the land of sunshine, beaches, clubs, flamenco, Don Quixote, Latin beauties and soft summer nights. There’s only one problem: Where do you begin? We decided to ask the experts and went to inmobiliariajavea.es, who were only too happy to oblige. This is what they told is:

Choose a time to travel. Spain is a very different place in December than it is in August. Everything from the amount of tourists, to temperature, to attractions, to hotel availability, to prices, will change with the season.

Be aware, festivals are very important in Spain and will drastically change your experience. For instance, the running of the bulls in July completely transforms Pamplona from a quiet northern city to a crowded tourist town. These festivals usually take place during the summer.

3 Decide what’s most important for you in a travel destination. It’s a given, there’ll be other trips: There has to be, there’s simply too much Spain to see at one time. So it’s necessary to decide on what’s most important to you. Do you want to sip a drink while looking out over the ocean, peruse priceless works of art, go clubbing with world-renowned DJs, unearth Roman remains, or go hiking in the mountains? You can do it all in Spain.

Set a budget for the trip: Before looking at prospective destinations, know exactly how much money you are willing to spend on this vacation. That way, you’ll know immediately whether or not a place is an option. For example, you might be able to spend a week in Malaga for the same amount that you would spend in one or two days in Marbella.

5 Match your goals and budget to a series of locations. Pick out anywhere from three to five destinations that you would want to visit. This gives you a smaller group to research, while still giving you options in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

6 Research your options: Go online and find out everything you can about the places that you are thinking of visiting. This will ensure that you find a place that is perfect for you while still within your budget.

Talk to people: The best way to get a feeling for a place where you’ve never been is to speak to those who have. Often people who have been to a place have far more information about it than any guide book.

8 Follow your gut: If you get a good feeling from a place, go for it.
Take chances. Don’t be afraid to go off of the beaten path and try something that might not be the most popular. Often it is the unique adventures that are the most rewarding.
If you get a bad feeling from a place or a website, trust that feeling as well. Remember, there are many other places you can go to.
Be wary of places that don’t include photographs: If a place seems like it has something the hide, it often does.