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Kitchen Upgrades that Add the Most Value

Nine out of ten house hunters want an upgraded kitchen, partly because of the work involved and partly because of the cost. But not all upgrades translate into more money

Kitchens take a huge portion of any remodeling budget and it can seem like there are always more projects than money to fund them. This is why it is important to be able to prioritize and select those improvements that will boost the equity in the home because they were undertaken.

Re-facing Cabinets Increases a Home’s Value

Cabinets can make a kitchen look dated and worn out, but completely replacing them can be very costly. If the cabinet frames are in good condition the look of your kitchen can be completely changed by replacing just the doors and hardware. This can be done for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to replace the entire cabinet and it achieves the same purpose.

Installing New Countertops Increases Equity

This is yet another feature than can make or break a kitchen. Especially if the home is being put on the market or it may be listed for sale in the short-term, resurfacing countertops can add lots of value. Nine out of ten house hunters name granite countertops as high on their wish list, so adding a neutral granite surface will definitely be recouped in the sale price.

Changing the Backsplash Adds Value

A crumbling or dated backsplash can drag down the entire look of the kitchen. This is such an easy weekend project that leaving it undone really doesn’t make sense. Be sure to choose something that works with the general style of the home and compliments the other elements in the kitchen.

New Floors Can Jazz Up the Kitchen While Increasing Homeowner’s Equity

If the floors are in really bad condition they may be taking attention away from other great features in the kitchen, like expansive countertops and a good number of cabinets for storage. To neutralize the effect of the floor, consider replacing the existing floor covering with a material that is easier on the eye. Cork is a great option for the kitchen and there are a number of laminate wood options that are affordable as well.

Paint is an Easy Kitchen Fix that Adds Instant Value

While paint is one of the first things that comes to mind when remodeling other rooms in the house, the kitchen somehow ends up being the exception. A coat of paint though is an easy way to brighten and freshen up a kitchen for a minimal cost.

Matching Appliances Give the Kitchen a Cohesive Look

While stainless steel appliances are nice, if replacing all the appliances to match is not in the budget the mismatched effect can be off-putting. It is much better to choose a white or black model to coordinate with what is already there than to spring for a stainless steel appliance that will stick out and make the other appliances look shabby, especially if the home is about to go on the market. If you do really want to change the appliances, you could look on eBay for a range of stoves for sale as well as white goods. If the goal is to eventually replace them all and the homeowner can live with the mismatch for some time then go for it, but if a sale is the aim then switching out one appliance will do more harm than good.

While it can be exhilarating to take a sledge hammer to an old kitchen, not every budget has room for such a large project. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference in a kitchen remodel, but knowing where to spend limited cash can help homeowner’s to get fantastic results on a tight budget.