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Relocation Services, Removals and Information on Moving to Bristol, England

Moving and relocation to the UK can be a stressful experience. Professional removal companies and UK relocation services can make the transition easier.

Once the decision has been made to relocate to the UK, research needs to be undertaken to make the move as painless as possible. The UK has become stricter in recent years regarding immigration and the issuing of work permits.

Immigration UK

The five tiers to do with immigration criteria are outlined below:

UK Relocation Services

Making use of specialised relocation services can help the immigration process along and make the move far less stressful. Many UK relocation services have well established relationships with embassies, multinational companies, small businesses and private individuals and provide helpful information to the new immigrant, such information on:

  • Alien registration and work permits
  • Bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages
  • Children: activities, benefits eligibility, car seat law and schools
  • Cultural awareness: classes, lectures, tours, walk, cultural orientation
  • Health care: practitioners, specialists, National Health Service and private care
  • Domestic help: cleaners, plumbers, electricians
  • Driving: license exchange, lessons, theory and practical test
  • Insurance: building, household contents and vehicles
  • Places of worship
  • Pets: quarantine, PETS scheme, boarding
  • Security: on the street, in the home
  • Solicitors, surveyors, accountants
  • Sports: local facilities and specialist equipment hire or purchase
  • Transportation: flights, taxi, bus, train and underground, vehicle purchase and vehicle rental
  • Information on housing rentals and purchases, tenancy agreements
  • Although it is possible to undertake the research and make the move oneself, making use of a UK relocation service means tapping into decades of specialised knowledge and it is often worth the price paid.

International Removals UK

When requesting a quote from a removal company, compare online to find the best deals, ask for references and look at forums on the subject to see which removal companies to stay away from. I personally recommend this Bristol removal company.

Ask the company what extra transportation charges are made for moving cars, pianos, disconnecting washers, dryers, gas stoves etc.

Ask if insurance is included or not, and be sure to read the insurance terms and conditions carefully.

Ask about price, quality and speed of service.

Last minute bookings are sometimes more expensive, or moving over weekends so ask the removal company what times of the month are cheapest or when they have special offers.

Make sure that there is a complete list compiled before asking for a quote. There are often additional charges for last minute add-ons and be sure to check out the credentials of the removal company before making a decision.

Relocating to the UK can be an exciting new chapter in the lives of those who want to move to a country that has a lot to offer and plenty to do and see. Researching the subject thoroughly will ensure that bureaucracy is kept to a minimum and the move is a pleasure.