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Top Benefits of Vaping using a eCig Battery Mod in Comparison to Smoking

Vaping has become a dominant and a popular alternative to smoking. It is a process that simulates the practice of smoking without exposing the person to risks associated with cigarette smoking. Vaping is believed to have been designed by a pharmacist in China who decided to find an alternative to tobacco smoking after this dad died of cancer due to tobacco smoking. If you are a smoker and you want to start vaping, then you are heading in the right direction. For various reasons, using a vaporizer or an ecig is better compared to cigarette smoking. To help you make an informed decision, below are some benefits of vaping in comparison to cigarette smoking.

Benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking

  1. Low health risk

Tobacco smoking is a risk to an individual’s health. However, with vaping, it is the opposite. Vaping has been found as the easiest way for someone who wants to quit smoking. Most people are looking for ways to stop smoking due to the increasing deaths linked to cigarette smoking. Cigarettes contain several chemicals that are very harmful. It is also the primary source of many health issues such as stroke, cancer, emphysema among many others. On the other side, there has never been any health problem or death linked to vaping. Besides, vaping is not addictive since it has no nicotine. It is, therefore, safer and healthier to quit smoking and start vaping.

  1. Vaping is cheaper than smoking

Compared to smoking, vaping is cheaper. Once you purchase the e-cigerette, you will not be required to buy another one for a long time. It takes 100 – 300 draws from the ecig before the liquid runs out. But for a smoker, you need to purchase a lot of cigarettes that cost a lot of money annually. When you start vaping, you will only need to replace a few items which are significantly affordable. For example, you will need to replace the battery, e-liquid, and coils, which are cheaper compared to the cigarettes you may smoke annually.

  1. Vaping is safer, but requires a battery

Vaping does not need any lighting such as a matchbox, to carry in your pocket. It means the process is reliable, safer and environmentally friendly. You’ll need to have a ecig battery mod attached to vape to ensure that it functions properly. It also means no fire involved or combustion. According to various house fire reports, most in-house fires are as a result of burning with matchboxes. Hence, the high rates of essential risks associated with cigarette smoking are no longer with vaping.

  1. Vaping has a pleasant smell

Smoking is unhealthy and commonly lead to bad smell particularly in an individual’s mouth. The smoke smell is very annoying that even most smokers realize it once they quit smoking. One of the main reasons why vaping is famous is mainly because of the pleasant smell. You also have a favor of picking a flavor of your choice. Compared to cigarette smoke, vapor does not stay long in the air before settling. It does not pose the risk of having smoke smell everywhere you go. Cigarette stains have always been a big problem to many smokers, happily with vape, the issue is eliminated.